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Macedonia Issues Wanted List for Belgrade Company Owner

The Macedonian police on
Jan. 9 issued an international wanted list for Stanislava Cocorovska Poletan, 37, on suspicion that she organized the transport of 483 kilograms of cocaine from Venezuela, seized on Jan. 7 from a truck entering Macedonia from Kosovo.

Stanislava Cocorovska Poletan, the owner of the Belgrade-based Makfut company, is a citizen of Macedonia and Serbia.

The Serbian Interior Ministry has looked into Makfut's business dealings and dispatched the information to the Macedonian police, the ministry told BETA.

"We will search for the owner of the company, Stanislava Poletan, here, but we have not received the international wanted list put out by the Macedonian police, and when we get it we will respond," BETA's collocutor at the police said.

Commenting on the news that Poletan's firm was the owner of the containers in which the cocaine was found, Dejan Anastasijevic, a journalist for the Vreme weekly, told BETA that she was an associate of Zeljko Raznatovic "Arkan" and had "probably continued his businesses."

She was mentioned in Serbia in 2003, during a probe into the transfer of football players of the Obilic football club, whose president was the late warlord Raznatovic. His wife, folk singer Svetlana Raznatovic, subsequently became club president, and was suspected of having defrauded the club in the transfers.

Rajko Danilovic, Svetlana Raznatovic's attorney, claimed she had only presided over the club as a figurehead, while the disputed transfers were initiated by Zeljko Raznatovic and completed by his friend Stanislava Poletan, "who had foreign passports and a Schengen visa."

The daily Blic earlier reported that Poletan was the niece of Slobodan Bogoevski, the former chief of Macedonia's secret police.

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